IT AIN’T ALWAYS EASY! // Tobii Dynavox Eye Gaze is sometimes difficult, BUT it’s still a GREAT TOOL!

Raelynn sometimes finds the Tobii Dynavox to be difficult to use. It’s a learning process for all of us! We need to learn how to set her up to succeed, and she needs to learn to find the more difficult parts of the screen.

This video shows how Raelynn doesn’t always complete the goal. She often has difficulty reaching the left bottom part of the screen. Her eyes don’t naturally gaze to the left; they tend to gaze to the right.

I’m sharing this video because I want others to have realistic expectations about the Tobii Eye Gaze. It’s an amazing accessibility device! It will greatly help people who need assistive communication. But it also takes a lot of work, but from the user and their care givers.

Our trial with this product is almost over, but we hope to have another trial soon.

The games we played in the video are part of Look to Learn. Raelynn played “Reveal Blocks” and “Magic Mouse.” We have other videos that show Raelynn succeeding with these games.

Magic Mouse:
Reveal Blocks:

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